Top 5 Essential Oils For Men

Essential oils are all the rage right now and for good reason…they work.  Whether you are looking to increase your emotional well-being or are suffering from medical related discomfort there is usually an oil that can help and support you.

Much of the information on essential oils that I see being shared is from women and geared toward women so today I share my top 5 essential oil recommendations for men.

I purchase my oils through doTERRA so some of the recommendations are proprietary blends that can only be purchased through them.

1. Deep Blue– This blend is amazing for those days when you are sore from your workout at the gym. Rub a few drops on sore tired muscles and in no time the soreness is gone.

2. Peace– Known as the Reassuring Blend, I would wear this as cologne if they made it! Absolutely my favorite oil and perfect for those times when you are feeling unsure or anxious. I put a few drops in my palm, rub my hands together and inhale deeply.

3. Basil– Is a fantastic pick me up! One drop equals approximately 50 plants so it is potent. Whenever I am dragging I put one drop under my tongue or on the back of my palm every 20 minutes 3 times consecutively and I experience an almost immediate burst of energy.

4. Lavender– Man or woman, Lavender should be in everyone’s home. This oil is excellent for communication, easing tension, it works great when you nick yourself shaving and is awesome when diffused at night to promote a restful nights sleep.

5. Serenity– Known as the Relaxation Blend, I use it every night prior to bed. I apply a drop behind each ear, rub my temples and inhale deeply. I get the best nights sleep and attribute it in part to my use of this oil.

Stay tuned for more essential oil tips and recommendations.

P.S. If you are interested in learning how to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine, contact me at and let’s chat.