The Art of Receiving – A Work In Progress

You are WAY MORE than any limitation, fear and negative self dialogue.  Anything uplifting, feelings of liberation are from your soul.  Using everyday scenarios to ground yourself and defeat fear are perfect ways to practice this truth.  I offer up this example….

Yesterday at a lunch appt. the person I was with handed me $100.00.  I asked what it was for and she said “as a result of promoting me, I already received a client!”  This new client of hers is from a live event that hasn’t happened yet!  I was stunned and slightly embarrassed.

She referred to me as a “natural – a natural connector” and said “you deserve to be compensated.”  I am the one who usually is the giver.

Receiving for me is still a work in progress.

In nanoseconds – I had an hours worth of conversation in my head about how – (EGO is saying this) “you don’t deserve it, it’s unrealistic, she doesn’t mean it, it’s a trick, give it back-push it back (which I would have done even just 3 months ago.)”  I battled my ego and the wounded part of me, by building in space and observing the situation as a witness and came out victorious.

Using the word “battled” doesn’t seem quite right though, because what I ultimately did was thanked my ego for it’s service and embraced feelings of compassion for it – the wounded part of me.

I RELAXED into the scenario.  I RELEASED the judgements.  I RECEIVED the loving energy – that was money in this case.  Money is a form of energy.  Everything is. RELAX. RELEASE. RECEIVE. ™ into any given moment.  I pushed through my fear, folded the money up and placed it in my wallet with a hug, a thank you and an honest admission of what had just occurred with my internal dialogue.

BEAUTIFUL lesson and powerful exercise that left me knowing I can push through that barrier of receiving and that every time it will get easier.  I am grateful for you and am with you on this journey we call life.



About The Author

Pamella Horton

As a child, Pamella Horton was a quiet observer who learned in her formative years how to protect her then fragile, inner self with perfection, over achievement, defense, deflection, dismissal and disassociation. Today, she is a blessed woman, entrepreneur, dedicated wife, mother, life enthusiast & athlete who has taken her life experiences and repetitive behaviors both healthy and unhealthy to a place of peace and joy.