Good MORNing!!

Rise and Shine!


My cup is overflowing with love and gratitude today.
The beautiful, overwhelming feelings of love and gratefulness brought me to tears this morning, driving back from dropping my daughter off at school.

The transition from CT to FL is forcing her to grow and come out of her comfort zone. She is meeting the challenge with a smile and energy so beautiful she can’t help, but inspire me.

I even found myself feeling grateful for being “stuck” behind a school bus.

Find it! Find YOUR gratitude in the smallest of things.

When you are frustrated…your frustration is a perfect indicator to feel grateful for the very thing that is frustrating you.

Yes, seriously, IT (the point of frustration) IS THE VERY THING to feel grateful for. It will lift you from iciness to a warmth that is so powerful you will KNOW & FEEL the Divine within you.

This takes practice and repetition, BUT you are worth the effort.

YOU are not alone beautiful souls.

YOU are surrounded by love, bliss and miracles always. They will never retreat Please give yourselves permission to receive them without judgement and fear. They are there for you to experience. There are external obstacle yes, but you have the power to remove yourself from blocking love, bliss and the miracles that embrace you ALWAYS.

Please allow yourselves to relax in the moment to realize that YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT.

PLEASE raise yourself up over the blocks of self loathing, confusion and misperception, with a smile, a breath, some service to another.

WE ALL need YOU, for the ripple effect’s impact is crucial to our shifting from a place of lack to abundance, fear to love.

May peace & love flow to, through and from you. 

Mindfully yours,

About The Author

Pamella Horton

As a child, Pamella Horton was a quiet observer who learned in her formative years how to protect her then fragile, inner self with perfection, over achievement, defense, deflection, dismissal and disassociation. Today, she is a blessed woman, entrepreneur, dedicated wife, mother, life enthusiast & athlete who has taken her life experiences and repetitive behaviors both healthy and unhealthy to a place of peace and joy.