What Are You Right About?

I remember reading this quote, for the first time, at a sales training back in my early twenties. It is a favorite quote of mine along with “Common sense is very uncommon.” ~ Mark Twain   Mr. Ford’s quote has stuck with me through out the years.  You know – like a pricker. Silently pricking, poking,…

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The Art of Receiving – A Work In Progress

You are WAY MORE than any limitation, fear and negative self dialogue.  Anything uplifting, feelings of liberation are from your soul.  Using everyday scenarios to ground yourself and defeat fear are perfect ways to practice this truth.  I offer up this example…. Yesterday at a lunch appt. the person I was with handed me $100.00.…

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From Falling Apart To Falling Into Place – “What Does a Spiritual Breakthrough Feel Like?”

Dear Beautiful Souls, I was recently asked by participants in a workshop I taught, “what does a spiritual breakthrough feel like?” Well, it kinda feels like hell. Listen in below… Please comment and continue the conversation. Mindfully, Pamela    

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