Live Life On Your Terms

I found myself reflecting today on a belief of mine…

“Anything truly is possible so long as you can imagine it.”

The maginificent things that you imagine come much quicker when we are in an acceptance frame of mind and say yes to our inner musings.

We are always attracting…something.
Our frame of mind, our mood, our energy determines what the “flavor” is of what we are attracting.

Black cloud over your head?  What are your thoughts throughout the day?

Just six months ago I was living in CT and working in the property and casualty industry.

In a blink of an eye, I am living in Florida, in my own paradise, working from home, in an industry that is fully in alignment with who I am and what my purpose in life is.

Our ability to not be attached to an outcome, to be judgement free and open to possibilities, which are infinite, truly does help you live life on your terms – with as much autonomy you need, where you can be creative and not tied to the illusion of security.  Where you live in the flow of the, I’m just going to say it,….”life force.”

I feel so blessed…
I want this feeling for everyone – for all of you!

Guard your thoughts like a Mama bear guards her cubs.

Your thoughts are frequencies, yes just like a radio shares songs through air frequencies (exact same principle) your thoughts are amplified by your emotions.

Guard your soul and it’s purpose. You know deep down what it is…

Now…go out an live life on your terms!

Questions….let me know.


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About The Author

Pamella Horton

As a child, Pamella Horton was a quiet observer who learned in her formative years how to protect her then fragile, inner self with perfection, over achievement, defense, deflection, dismissal and disassociation. Today, she is a blessed woman, entrepreneur, dedicated wife, mother, life enthusiast & athlete who has taken her life experiences and repetitive behaviors both healthy and unhealthy to a place of peace and joy.