It took me 33 years to learn how to truly trust myself.  I didn’t realize, that I was disconnected & living on auto pilot which brought about pain & suffering.  I learned how to realign with my inner core, my essence, the real me.  

If I can help someone align with their soul, awaken to their true essence & learn to be rather than do, well, that will be the icing on the cake.”  

                                                                                                                        ~ Pamela Horton



The callingtherealYOU™ community was established with the primary goal to inspire you to be the best possible version of you.  It is for the purpose of getting you to think about your relationship with YOU and the limiting beliefs that freeze your soul and prevent you from moving forward in life.  We want to help you come to the realization that how your frame of reference has a direct impact on all of your relationships, thereby awakening you to your path of instinct.

More importantly, the callingtherealYOU™ community aspires to help you to make conscious, mindful decisions to center yourself so that you can live a simplified yet abundant life.

Your participation and feedback are encouraged and are most welcome!

Mindfully Yours,





Stillness & Silence are a lost art. Introduce both back into your life. All of you...the real you deserves it.


Release society's expectations & the roles that have been placed on you by others. Releasing too, the pain caused by these roles, prepares us for the next chapter in our lives.


Once you Relax and Release you then Receive the keys toward personal discovery, thereby awakening the truth of who you are.