Top 5 Essential Oils For Men

Essential oils are all the rage right now and for good reason…they work.  Whether you are looking to increase your emotional well-being or are suffering from medical related discomfort there is usually an oil that can help and support you. Much of the information on essential oils that I see being shared is from women…

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Simple Steps To Stop Supporting Other People’s Drama

Have you have heard the expression, “we create our own reality?”  We can either Consciously Create or Mis-Create our experiences.  The special sauce is in how  we respond to any given moment. We are a STAR on our own stage … that we create. We do not need to participate as a supporting role in another…

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An Entrepreneurial Journey

Introducing Heather Holst-Knudsen, CEO and Founder of KidBacker and member of the Sarasota Over 40 Females™!  KidBacker is a fundraising and educational website, specifically geared towards kids, that enables them to promote and fundraise for business ideas, interests, college tuition, and projects. KidBacker teaches kids how to professionally and creatively showcase and market their stories, ask for…

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